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Is your phone toxic to you, and to your children?

Mobile phones have already been connected to increased stress, shortened attention spans, sleep problems and so on, but now something perhaps more worrisome has been discovered. A new study finds a connection between toxic flame retardant chemicals, your cellphone, and »

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Groups urge government to toughen toxic chemicals law

Five environmental groups say Canada’s law governing toxic chemicals is outdated and they urge the government to amend soon it to protect children and the general population. Muhannad Malas of Environmental Defence uses the example of a class of chemicals »


Urgent call to limit exposure to toxic chemicals

An environmental group is calling on the government to enact stronger laws to protect Canadians from toxic chemicals. Environmental Defence cites a government report released today that shows most Canadians continue to be exposed to chemicals like BPA and parabens. »

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Insidious, harmful effects of everyday chemicals

As a society we have surrounded ourselves with chemicals, all theoretically designed to help make our lives easier in some way. More and more however, these chemicals  initially thought to be harmless, are showing themselves to have unexpected side effects. »