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Doctors warn about toys and eye injuries

Canada’s eye doctors are warning parents to be careful of the toys they buy this holiday season to make sure they do not risk causing children eye or other injuries. The Canadian Ophthalmological Society says that the pandemic “adds another »

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Police, armed forces, industry send toys to children in remote communities

Christmas is coming and many families in remote northern communities in Canada cannot access toys or cannot afford to buy them for their children, but help is on the way. A joint effort by Canada’s national police called the RCMP, »


Dream job for a kid

Toy tester sought Toys are big business, so it’s important for manufacturers and retailers to find toys that are likely to please. One way of course is to give them to kids to play with and get their opinion. Giant »

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‘Yucky duckies’ only of concern for the very young, says researcher

A recent study about bacteria in bath toys should not alarm parents unduly, says Lori Burrows, a researcher in infection diseases and professor at McMaster University. The Swiss study found that bacteria can form inside rubber duckies and other bath »

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New laws for recreational drone use

The small recreational drones have experienced rapid development and equally rapid popularity. In Canada, as elsewhere, there have been a number of incidents and accidents that have caused concern. People have been using them to spy into apartment buildings and »

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Dream job for a kid!

Imagine,  you’re say 10 or 12 years old and your job is to play with all kinds of new toys. Yep that’s your job, and for the next full year it will be the job of 12-year-old Émile Burbidge from »