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Pipeline project cost estimates soar

A new potential problem has arisen for the long-controversial Trans-Mountain pipeline project.  That problem is an estimated 70 per cent increase in the cost. The some 1,000 kilometre pipeline project will twin a nearly seven decades old existing line from» 

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Pipeline project clears one hurdle, but divides Canadians

The ever controversial Trans-Mountain Pipeline project passed another legal hurdle at the Supreme Court of Canada, but faces another in the seemingly growing opposition in the court of public opinion according the latest public opinion survey. When stiff public opposition» 

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Federal Court of Appeal hearing challenge to pipeline project

The highly contentious Trans Mountain pipeline expansion (TMX) project is back in court yet again. Six challenges to the pipeline were granted access in September to the Federal Court of Appeal in Vancouver to challenge the government’s environmental consultations and» 

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Canada’s pipeline debate: simmering in the background,ready to boil again

The long standing dispute over the Trans-Mountain pipeline expansion, has been surpassed in the news by other political events, but it hasn’t gone away. Permission for the huge project was tossed out when a court agreed with legal challenges saying» 

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Another hurdle or two for Canada’s pipeline

Washington chimes in on TransMountain pipeline The highly controversial TransMountain pipeline to carry Alberta oil-sands crude to west coast ports, received another knock or two this week. The first was a complaint this week from Greenpeace about the consultation and» 

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Major setback for pipeline project

Court rules original approval deeply flawed. Canada’s Federal Court of Appeal had dealt a major blow to the Trans Mountain Pipeline project. Long opposed by several Indigenous groups and environmentalists, the company had planned to build a second pipeline to» 

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Pipeline delays; deliberate? Who’s to blame

The Trans-Mountain pipeline project to nearly triple its capacity of oil from Alberta to the Burnaby is once again becoming heated. Kinder-Morgan, the U.S. company that owns Trans-Mountain wants to double the existing pipeline but has come under repeated opposition» 

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Canada’s energy regulator continues controversial pipeline proposal review

Canada’s federal energy regulator will continue its review of two controversial oil pipeline proposals even as the new Liberal government plans to toughen environmental standards for such projects, says Canada’s natural resources minister. Speaking on a teleconference call from Paris,»