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New law would oblige reporting on climate change action

The government of Canada has tabled legislation which proposes transparency and accountability to help it achieve net-zero emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050.  If it is passed, the legislation would require the environment minister to set five-year targets for reducing »

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What intelligence is being shared, ask civil liberty groups

Civil liberty groups in Canada and around the world want to know about the deals that are made between intelligence agencies to share information. They want access to the agreements between agencies and to policies they have to protect privacy. »

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UN choosing new secretary-general is more transparent

The United Nations must find a new secretary-general and it has made the process much more open with events such as a public debate between candidates held last night. ‘Historically…a very, very opaque process’ “Historically, secretaries-general at the UN have »

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Access to information fees waived

The Canadian government is immediately withdrawing all but a five-dollar application fee for people requesting information from government agencies under the Access to Information law. It has also ordered its agencies to make documents available in the format that is »

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Government seeks input on more transparency

Canada’s recently-elected government is asking Canadians for their ideas on how to make it more open and transparent. This contrasts with the previous, Conservative government which strictly controlled its message through the Prime Minister’s Office and rarely allowed civil servants »

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Study: Questions raised about Aboriginal groups funding/spending

A new study highlights issues about income and expenses on aboriginal reserves in Canada. The study performed by the non-profit public policy research group, C.D.Howe Institute suggests aboriginal bands may want to look more deeply into how their money is »


Government MP resigns from caucus, wants to be free to represent his constituents

Canadian government MP Brent Rathgeber resigned late Wednesday night (June 5) from the ruling Conservative caucus, frustrated by his own government’s amendments to his private member’s bill. It was, as he put it, the straw that broke the camel’s back. »