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Canadian scientists seek to improve organ, vaccine transport

It is of critical importance to keep vaccines and organs for transplant at the correct temperature while they are being transported. For example vaccines such as those currently being developed for COVID-19 must not freeze and after delivery it is »


Organ donor referrals exceed demand for first time in Quebec

For the first time in Transplant Quebec’s history, the number referrals for organ donations have passed the amount of people on the waiting list, according to a report the organization released yesterday. When there isn’t anymore hope for a person’s »

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Medical marvel: first face transplant in Canada

A man who suffered a serious accident while hunting was living with what was left of a badly disfigured face. A bullet had blown away much of his face in 2011. Several rebuilding surgeries over the years had helped but »

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Organ donations spike after horrific hockey bus crash

A few weeks before the bus crash that would claim the lives of 16 people, hockey player Logan Boulet signed an organ donation card. When became clear the 21-year-old would not survive the accident, he was placed on life suppoer »

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Denial of liver transplant called discriminatory

Indigenous activist Delilah Saunders was denied the possibility of having a liver transplant because she hasn’t remained sober for six months, and that is discriminatory, says Amnesty International Canada. The province of Ontario requires liver recipients to not have had »

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Medical first for Canada

Toronto hospital performs hand and forearm transplant It is still a relatively new procedure worldwide with only a little over 100 such operations having been performed in several countries to date This month surgeons in Toronto have performed the first »

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Exciting advance in diabetes treatment

A new process has been developed by a medical research team in Canad which shows great promise in the treatment of diabetes. Dr.James Shapiro (MD, PhD) led the research team. He is the Canada Research Chair in Transplant Surgery and »