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Ships ignore voluntary speed limit set to protect endangered whales: report

A conservation group is calling on the federal government to extend mandatory maritime speed limits designed to protect critically endangered North Atlantic right whales off Canada’s Atlantic coast after analysis of vessel traffic data showed that most captains ignore the »

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Face covering rules are expanded on planes, trains and ships

Travelling in Canada is going to look very different — as of noon today. In an effort to fight the spread of COVID-19, Transport Minister Marc Garneau has announced new requirements on the use of face coverings on planes, trains »


Drone and crewed aircraft ‘incidents’ increase in Canadian skies

Statistics obtained by CBC News show the number of mid-air conflicts between drones and crewed aircraft rose in the first half of this year, especially over Ontario. Transport Canada recorded 33 “incidents” between drones and airplanes over Ontario from the »

Speed limits on commercial shipping have been re-imposed in the Gulf of St Lawrence after two endangered right whales were spotted this week

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Transport Canada fines ship for exceeding whale safety speed limit

Transport Canada has issued a $6,000 fine to a vessel that allegedly breached mandatory speed limits introduced by the federal government in parts of the Gulf of St. Lawrence to protect endangered North Atlantic right whales, Transport Minister Marc Garneau »

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Conservation groups call for additional measures to protect endangered right whales

As bad weather hampers efforts to help three North Atlantic whales entangled in fishing gear in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, a group of Canadian environmental and conservation groups is calling on the federal government to introduce additional measures to »

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Canada to force airlines to compensate passengers for delays, overbooking

Canadian passengers who face flight delays or are bumped from their seat due to overbooking will be eligible for compensation under the federal government’s new proposed regulations for air travel. Transport Minister Marc Garneau unveiled the first draft of the »


Transport Canada to make seat belts mandatory on highway buses

Car drivers and passengers in most of Canada have had to buckle up since the 1980s but now the federal government is moving to make seat belts mandatory on highway buses. Transport Canada announced Wednesday that all newly built medium »

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Ottawa issues 3 more fines for speed limit violations in the Gulf of St. Lawrence

Transport Canada has fined three more vessels for allegedly going faster than the speed limit imposed by Ottawa in August in the busy shipping lanes of the Gulf of St. Lawrence to protect endangered North Atlantic right whales, federal officials »

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Drone strikes commercial plane, a first in Canada

A collision between a drone and a commercial aircraft approaching Quebec City’s Jean Lesage International Airport last week has drawn the wrath of Canada’s usually placid federal transport minister, Marc Garneau. “This should not have happened, that drone should not »

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Flight attendants worry reduced crews will endanger safety of passengers

Canada’s flight attendants urged the federal government to rethink a proposal to introduce regulations that would reduce the number of flight attendants on a flight. In a presentation to the Transport Department Thursday (May 22) CUPE Airline Division President Michel »