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Iran to send black boxes of downed Ukrainian jet to France in July: UN agency

Iran will send the black boxes from a Ukrainian passenger jet shot down by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in January to France to be deciphered next month, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) said today. Fifty-five Canadian citizens and »


Plane with engine trouble lands on Calgary street

A small aircraft carrying six people was forced to make an emergency landing on a Calgary street this morning after running out of fuel, according to Calgary police. Officials with Canada’s Transportation Safety Board (TSB) said the twin-engine plane with »


Air Canada jet came within 30 metres of flying into 2 planes in San Francisco: TSB report

An Air Canada plane attempting to land at San Francisco International Airport with 140 people on board came within metres of crashing onto four planes lined up on the taxiway for takeoff last week, according to a preliminary report Canadian »


Safety board recommends 3 changes after boating deaths

It was in October 2015 in beautiful Clayoquot Sound off Canada’s west coast that a whale-watching vessel was it by a rogue wave and capsized killing six of the 27 people on board. Canada’s Transportation Safety Board has made three »

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New standard for rail tankers: still not safe?

A report into a derailment and fire of a train of crude oil tankers earlier this month says the new standard of rail cars has still proven inadequate to prevent bursting and fires. Following the deadly Lac Megantic Qc oil »

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Transport Safety Board: Railways failing to report accidents

A Canadian government agency responsible for transportation safety “has identified late and missing accident information from the three railway companies it examined”. The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) found “a total of 254 occurrences involving these railways had been unreported »