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Former Australian PM on a “flaky” Justin Trudeau

Australia’s former Prime MInister Malcolm Turnbull gives a behind the scenes look at the often Machiavellian world of politics in his just released book In the autobiography- The Bigger Picture- which is mostly about Australian politics, Turnbull has a short »

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Trudeau approval takes a hit over rail blockades.

Prime Minister Trudeau and his Liberal party weathered several scandals during the first mandate. They won re-election in 2019, although with a minority government and in spite of losing the popular vote to the Conservative party. The first few months »

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Blockades continue along with continued calls for dialogue

Rail blockades by indigenous groups and demonstrations in cities across Canada, continue today well into the second week. Both indigenous and non-indigenous protesters have blocked bridges and roadways and rail lines across the country in support of a small group »

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Trudeau: diplomatic lapse at a NATO reception?

Canada’s Prime Minister and others appear to discuss the U.S president’s behaviour A short video of leaders chatting informally at a gathering at Buckingham Palace of NATO leaders Tuesday night has gone viral, with many pundits suggesting they are mocking »

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Costumes no more: Canada’s PM foregoes Hallowe’en dressup after scandals

Hallowe’en has come and gone, and with it the annual chance to dress up in scary or humourous, or inspired costumes so enjoyed by children as they go door to door seeking candy treats, and for those adults who dress »

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Fraud and corruption: SNC-Lavalin to stand trial

A court in the French-speaking province of Quebec ruled that there was enough evidence against SNC-Lavalin for the engineering company to face trial for fraud and corruption. The decision was made after months of lobbying by the company to avoid »

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Trudeau to apologize and exonerate an historical Indigenous leader

An indigenous Chief known as Poundmaker, who had been charged and convicted of treason-felony, will be exonerated today along with an apology from Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. Canada’s only “civil war” took place shortly after the nation’s creation. In »

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Trudeau extends best wishes for Nowruz

Nowruz marks the start of spring and the New Year in the Persian calendar and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau extended best wishes to all who celebrate it. He also used the occasion to remind Canadians “that inclusion and respect for »

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Mosque attack leaves Quebec City victims ‘in shock’

The shooting rampages at two mosques in New Zealand is particularly horrifying for survivors of a similar attack that killed six people in Quebec City on January 29, 2017. The New Zealand shooter had written the name of several killers »

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SNC Lavalin scandal: Another faux-pas for the Liberal government?

The scandal that is rocking the Liberal government of Justin Trudeau has grown yet again. The government also seems to be continuing on a rocky path and strategy. An emergency meeting of the Justice Committee investigating the situation was shut »