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Nuclear arms race feared after U.S. threat to quit treaty

On Oct. 20, 2018, U.S. President Donald Trump threatened to withdraw from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) and that has rekindled fears there will be a world-wide nuclear arms race. Trump says Russia is not complying with the INF» 

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‘Fake news’ label threatens journalism, threatens people: BBC chief

News organizations around the world are acting to foster trust and to fight accusations that they produce fake news. Misuse of the term fake news has become the weapon of choice of “repressive regimes,” said BBC Chief Tony Hall to» 

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Backlash grows over Trump tweets on reporting sexual abuse

Women are flocking to social media to share their experiences of sexual assault and why they never reported it to police. This follows U.S. President Donald Trump’s tweet last Friday which suggested that if Christine Blasey Ford’s account “was as» 

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Trump boasts he made up facts in meeting with Trudeau

An audio tape has emerged in which U.S. President Donald Trump boasts that he made up facts about trade in a meeting with Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The speech made yesterday was reported by the Washington Post and was released» 

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Trump drags down world opinion of U.S. leadership

A worldwide survey has found the approval rating of U.S. leadership under Donald Trump has sunk nearly 20 points to 30, and Canadians’ opinions of him dropped most among western countries. Germany gets best rating Germany replaced the U.S. as» 

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Human Rights Watch urges fight against growing threats

“What we’re most concerned about are abusive populist leaders who are trying to gain power and extend their power by demonizing and scapegoating minorities and ignoring human rights,” says Emma Daly, communications directors at Human Rights Watch. In its just-released» 


Cooperation, conciliation & Trudeau’s lashing by the NWT : The year in Arctic news

Eye on the Arctic brings you stories and newsmakers from across the North For our 2017 Arctic news roundup series, we checked in with some of our expert bloggers, for their take on this year’s Arctic news: what the media got» 


Russian oil, cooperation over commerce & Canada’s Arctic highway : 2017 Arctic Year in Review

Eye on the Arctic brings you stories and newsmakers from across the North The end of the year is often a time to take stock, and here at Eye on the Arctic we’re no different. That’s why, as 2017 draws to» 

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Could U.S.policy cause a tidal wave of immigration and asylum claims in Canada?

U.S. President Donald Trump has announced he will end a policy known as DACA, which has caused great turmoil for tens of thousands of undocumented people in the U.S. Could that mean another wave, or even tsunami of people crossing» 

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Europe especially, looking for U.S. commitment to NATO

Today will mark the first time U.S. President Donald Trump meets with members of NATO and they are hoping to hear a strong commitment from him to the alliance. “The NATO allies, particularly those in Europe, want to hear from»