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Trudeau criticized for tweet to TV personality pledging money for education

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s tweet pledging $50 million for an international NGO has caused a huge backlash on social media with thousands of people arguing the money would be better spent on programs for Canadians in need. On Sunday, Trudeau» 

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Saudi youth group apologizes for maladroit tweet

A Saudi Arabian youth group is apologizing after an image it posted on its Twitter account was interpreted by many social media users as a veiled threat of 9/11-style attacks on Canada following the ongoing diplomatic dispute between Ottawa and» 

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Twitter urges all users to change passwords after glitch

Twitter Inc urged its more than 330 million users to change their passwords after a glitch caused some to be stored in readable text on its internal computer system rather than disguised by a process known as “hashing”. “We recently» 

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Canada expels Russian embassy spokesman for ‘sharing scurrilous stories’ targeting Freeland

The Russian embassy spokesperson in Ottawa who was responsible for the mission’s Twitter account is one of four Russian diplomats being expelled from Canada, Radio Canada International has learned. Two separate sources have confirmed to RCI that Kirill Kalinin, who» 


Social media comment sinks another politician

Politicians and employers checking social media records Matt MacKnight had hoped to enter provincial politics in Nova Scotia. Like many politicians, and would be politicians before him, things seemed to be going well, but then his social media activity caught» 

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Twitter takes action against trolls, ‘wild west environment’

Twitter is using several measures to try to fight those who bully and threaten online, but they not likely to have much effect, says Sam Fiorella, an author and professor of social media marketing at Seneca College in Toronto. “I» 

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Canada’s tax man scanning your social media posts

You might want to think twice about posting online images of your new big boat, or expensive car or vacation, or major home renovations. It’s now been revealed that the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is  scanning social media sites for» 

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Canadian pro-Daesh teenager sentenced

A teenager in Brandon Manitoba has been sentenced to time served and two years probation for online counseling of terrorism. The teen’s name can’t be mentioned as he was 16-years-old at the time and so considered a minor. He was» 

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Twitter users savage Trudeau after his praise for Fidel Castro

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has found himself at the receiving end of a biting satirical backlash by thousands of Twitter users after he issued a statement about Fidel Castro’s death that portrayed the former Cuban leader in a positive light,» 

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Social media, as harmful as it is fun

The rise of technology and social media has meant the people can be more connected than ever before. Sometimes this helps to build friendships, but it can also be harmful even deadly. There have been several cases where young people»