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Insect herbivores: predators and prey in a global study

An international effort for the first time collected coordinated data on  predation patterns at different latitudes and different elevations (altitudes) in a global study. While it was known there is more biodiversity towards the equator and more in valleys than »

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Designing small living spaces for the new reality

Could you live in a space about the size of an average house living room? In Canada’s major cities, the cost of housing whether for homes, condos or even rental apartments, is increasing beyond the scope of many people.   »

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BHM- The black settlers of Alberta

It is little known fact even within Canada that there was a small but vibrant group of black settlers in the western prairie province of Alberta. They weren’t really part of the well-known “Underground Railroad” but nonetheless were leaving behind »

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Exciting new and innovative technology for prostate cancer detection.

A team at the University of Alberta has developed an exciting new combination of existing technologies which will simplify and speed up prostate cancer detection and determination of its nature, and be as accurate as physical biopsies. John Lewis is »

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Can trees adapt to climate change? Perhaps not easily

Some suprising new research shows trees in the same environment have developed shared genes, though they are different species. What researchers have long thought is that genetic solutions to deal with climate change would be complex, involving genetic differences and »

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Polar bear adaptation to ice loss: not really working

Polar bears need sea ice to hunt and mate. With climate change, the ice season is becoming shorter, meaning bears are spending longer periods on land. Some have been trying to adapt to the increasing delays between freeze-up by seeking alternative food »

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Beating blue-green algae with iron

It’s becoming an increasingly serious issue. Often toxic, blue-green algae blooms are becoming more common in lakes around the world. A team of Canadian scientists have come up with a promising solution. Diane Orihel (PhD) is the Banting and Liber »

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Editing the human gene: science and ethics

A recent development in genetics research has enabled scientists to cut and paste genetic information much more rapidly, more accurately, and much less expensive than ever before. Because of this, scientists also expressed concern about controlling the process especially since »

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Canadian advance in solving brain disease

Brain disease is mysterious, deadly,  and in the interim extremely troubling to the victim and to family and friends. It’s also troubling to medical researchers who are constantly looking for ways to combat diseases for which, as of yet, little »

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Exciting advance in diabetes treatment

A new process has been developed by a medical research team in Canad which shows great promise in the treatment of diabetes. Dr.James Shapiro (MD, PhD) led the research team. He is the Canada Research Chair in Transplant Surgery and »