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New dangers from common consumer chemical

Recent studies have led to concerns about a common chemical found in a wide variety of consumer products and its affect upon foetuses and growing children.  As a result of that information Bisphenol A- used to harden plastics, and as »

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TV medical talk shows-entertainment or valid info?

Television shows about health issues have become incredibly popular. The content of these “doctor  shows” however has raised concern among other medical practitioners. Dr. Christina Korownyk M.D, is an associate professor in the Department of Family Medicine in the University »

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Ancient dinosaurs, fossil poachers, and a strange mystery solved

A 50 year old mystery involving ancient dinosaur bones and the very strange creature they belonged to, has finally been solved. Philip Currie is one of the most respected paleontologists in the world.  He is professor and Canada Research Chair »

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Franklin ship discovery- what’s next?

After 166 years of searching for Sir John Franklin’s ships in the Arctic, one of the world’s most enduring and puzzling maritime mysteries has been solved. Or has it? Ian MacLaren (PhD) is a professor of history and classics at »

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Canadian researcher studies catastrophic “supervolcanos”

While mankind has experienced some massive deadly volcanic eruptions in our recorded history, Vesuvius, Krakatoa, Mt St Helen’s, and Pinatubo just to name a few, we’ve never experienced the devastation of a supervolcano. Martyn Unsworth has spent years studying supervolcanos. »