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Climate change: are cities ready?

A new study looked at some 63 of the most populous municipalities across the country, and evaluated their plans to cope with climate change. Dave Guyadeen (PhD, MCIP, RPP) is lead author of the study, He is an assistant professor» 

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U Guelph study finds majority of shark fins, ray gills from species at risk

A study of shark fins and ray gill plates for sale in markets has shown that a majority are from endangered species. The University of Guelph used its unique DNA library to identify exactly the various species. Dirk Steinke is» 

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Increase farm yields, reduce environmental impact: Food from Thought Initiative

The federal government is injecting substantial money into research intended to spur development of new technologies in farm practices. The basic idea is to achieve greater yields from crops and farmed animals while at the same time reducing the environmental» 

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Revolutionary finding may rewrite thousands of research studies, science textbooks.

It seems so obvious, yet somehow, it hasn’t been. Anyone performing almost any kind of experiment knows that if you alter a variable just a tiny bit, you can, and likely will, alter the outcome. This is true whether mixing» 

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Updated update; GM Salmon approved as food in USA

It was only last week that Canadian ecological agencies were in court challenging Canadian government approval for a company which has created genetically modified salmon at its operation on Prince Edward Island. The groups say the government ignored its own» 

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Trans-Pacific Partnership and conflict with Canada’s supply management

The Canadian supply management programmes in dairy, poultry and eggs, have meant a fairly stable income and market for farmers in Canada. Many have said the new TPP international trade deal is threatening that. Anthony Winson (PhD) is a professor»