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Afghanistan aid money: Billions wasted, little improvement

The latest report by a government oversight agency says  billions of dollars in aid money to Afghanistan has been siphoned off. The report by the “Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction” cites ongoing issues of corruption, lack of oversight, and »

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Canada expected to finally announce peacekeeping contribution

In 2016, Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that he would proceed with his election promise of 2015, that Canada would re-engage with U.N. peacekeeping. He promised a contribution of 600 Peacekeepers and 150 police officers to U.N. missions but »

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Former Canadian diplomat speaks about the N Korea situation

The world is collectively concerned about the sabre rattling of N, Korea, and the U.S threats of reprisals. Repeated North Korean missile tests and now the latest nuclear test have only escalated the tensions. U.S President Trump is also calling »

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Canada bestows rare honour on young Pakistani girls rights activist

*audio of Malala address to Parliament at bottom Malala Yousafzai  is now only the sixth person to become an honorary Canadian citizen. She was only 15 in her native Pakistan when she was shot by Taliban terrorists for having spoken »

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History- Oct.12, 1957, Canadian awarded for creation of U.N Peacekeepers

On this date in 1957, then Canadian external affairs minister Lester B Pearson received a telegram from Sweden.  It informed him of his being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. It was due to events of the previous year during the »

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Legal protection for climate change actions

When does national and international concern over the environment trump private corporations concerns over lost profits? In some trade deals there are clauses giving corporations the power to sue for lost profits when government policies stop their development plans. A »

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Eating bugs in Canada?

The United Nations is encouraging people to eat more insects but it’s not clear Canadians are ready to tuck in. Bugs are nutritious and they are much better for the environment than are animals according to a report by the »