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The proposed net-zero vertical farm at U of T Scarborough is part of a broader partnership between the university and Centennial College focused on advancing the cleantech sector (rendering courtesy of U of T Scarborough and Centennial College)

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 Net Zero farm coming to urban Toronto

Two universities have combined efforts to create a unique concept in farming, research, and clean technology. The University of Toronto-Scarborough and Centennial College are working to develop what they call an EaRTH District – an acronym for Environmental and Related »

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World leaders at the UN General Assembly: to what end?

Hundreds of world leaders and top officials are meeting this week in New York at the 73rd United Nations General Assembly. Speeches will be given and many discussions will take place, but really, what does all this, or even the »

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Embattled Canadian professor asked to join University of Glasgow

University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson is a highly respected educator and was completely uncontroversial,  until recently. That’s when LBGTQ groups began a concerted campaign against him for his decision not to use made-up pronouns they chose to describe themselves. »

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World’s oldest water- even older!

In 2013, researchers from the University of Toronto discovered what they thought was the world’s oldest water deep under a mine in northern Ontario. The Kidd Creek Mine near Timmins in northern Ontario is over 2.5 kilometers deep and is »

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Secrets to a happy sex life

A study in Canada has given some insight into the success of relationships and a happy sex life. Jessica Maxwell is a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto in social psychology who conducted the research. Jessica Maxwell PhD candidate, »

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Rio Olympics: can too much exercise/training cause heart problems?

Athletes preparing for the Olympic games must push their physical condition to the limit. Athletes not at the Olympic level, often push their bodies to their own limits. Some have suggested this can cause heart problems later in life. Reports »

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Reversing blindness and stroke: new Canadian research

New research has led to a major advance in the eventual treatment for blindness and for repairing brain damage from stroke. Using stem cells and a newly invented biogel delivery medium, the researchers have shown greatly improved results in restoring »

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How human nature inflates CEO salaries

It seems that when we hear of CEO salaries, they are huge.  But, how do they get that way? Two Toronto researchers noticed that CEO salaries in the past few decades have been increasing much faster than the general level »

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Robot trials testing in Toronto, Ontario

It was a hectic but exciting scene on the Mars landscape as several robots in various shapes, sizes, and styles of locomotion, including flying, made their way around and over obstacles.   Developed by researchers at York University in Toronto, »