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Giant home renovation chain closing dozens of stores-again

Lowe’s announces closed 31 stores in Canada in 2018,  34 more closings announced this week In 2016, the giant American home hardware and renovation chain announced a takeover of the Quebec-based Rona/Reno-Depot chain. In 2007 Lowe’s had already established 42» 

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Legendary Canadian musical star seeks U.S. citizenship

Neil Young wants to become an American citizen so he can vote in the 2020 U.S. election. There’s a bit of a problem though, due to cannabis. Although the legendary singer-songwriter, who turns 74 tomorrow (November 12) was born in» 

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Asylum challenge: Safe Third Country agreement in court

U.S.-Canada deal back in court this week A deal between Canada and the U.S. on asylum seekers is back in a Canadian Federal Court this week. Refugee advocates and their lawyers along with government lawyers will be arguing whether the» 

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New poll finds Canadians oppose sending prescription drugs to U.S.

The overwhelming majority of Canadians are against the Trump administration’s plans to import cheaper prescription drugs from Canada, according to a new opinion poll. Last week, U.S. President Donald Trump called on U.S. Health Secretary Alex Azar to speed up» 

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Lawyers to argue sending refugee claimants back to U.S. is illegal

Demonstrators will rally in front of a court in Toronto to support a legal challenge to the Safe Third Country Agreement between Canada and the U.S. Because of this agreement, refugee claimants who arrive at official Canadian border crossings from» 

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How, why, and for whom Canadians voted in the election

Last minute decisions, and a lesson for Americans? Two recent post election surveys in Canada came up with relatively similar results. According to a Leger poll, it seems up to a third of voters didn’t vote in favour of a» 

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Olympic bobsledder wins release from Canada to try for U.S.

After a highly publicized complaint against official Canada’s bobsleigh organisation, medal winner Kaillie Humphries has been granted a release from Bobsleigh-Canada-Skeleton (BCS), the official national sports organisation. Humphries had filed a complaint against the team coach alleging repeated verbal and» 

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Massive loss of N.American birds: study

A new study for the first time has quantified the number of birds that have disappeared from our skies. The  study (and website) note there are now almost 3 billion fewer birds than there were in 1970 Adam Smith (PhD)» 

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Huawei executive back in Canadian court today

It’s a case which has put Canada in the middle between the world’s superpowers, and two of biggest trading partners. The case goes back into court in Vancouver Canada, today. A dispute between the U.S, and China’s tech giant Huawei» 

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Canadian Olympic star hopes to compete with U.S team

Canada’s two-time gold medal bobsleigh winner, is planning now to try to join the U.S team. Calgary’s Kaillie Humphries, 34, won Olympic gold in 2010 and 2014 and bronze in 2018 in the women’s two-person bobsleigh. Last August she filed»