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Will COVID-19 change travel plans for the holidays

Recently in the United States (and depending on data sources), roughly half as many Americans travelled to celebrate their ‘thanksgiving’ holiday  compared to last year. Although the numbers were down, it still represents millions of Americans who travelled to celebrate »

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Most Canadians think Biden as U.S. president will be good for Canada

Three in five Canadians think a U.S. administration under Joe Biden as president will have a positive effect on the rapport and connectivity between the two countries, according to a recent survey. This survey by Angus Reid is similar to »

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Menq Wanzhou: China-Canada- and a U.S President Biden

Since December 1, 2018, Canada has been caught in the middle of a legal and diplomatic dispute involving its two major trading partners. Legally bound by a U.S-Canada extradition treaty, Canada detained Huawei top executive Meng Wanzhou at the request »

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More ‘murder hornets’ found in B.C.

Two more of the Asian giant hornets have been found this month in British Columbia. The huge stinging insects are the largest wasp-type insect in the world with queens growing to about 5 cm. and a wingspan that would cover  »

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Canadians less stressed than Americans by pandemic: poll

Two-in-five people living in the United States report feeling very or extremely stressed because of the COVID-19 pandemic compared to only one-in-five of those living in Canada, according to a public opinion poll. Further, 46 per cent of Americans are »

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Canada-U.S. attitudes on COVID vaccine, when and who should be first: survey

A national poll by Leger Opinion and the Association for Canadian Studies asked Canadians and Americans, when a COVID vaccine becomes available, who should be first in line to get it. The survey showed an obvious difference of opinion in »

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U.S. slaps 10% tariff on aluminum imports from Canada

President Donald Trump says his administration is reimposing a 10 per cent tariff on imports of Canadian aluminum into the United States that is set to come into effect immediately. Trump made the announcement of an executive order imposing the »

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Canada and allies meeting to discuss U.S. withdrawal from Open Skies Treaty

Canada and Hungary will co-host a virtual conference of signatories to the Open Skies Treaty on July 6 to discuss the pending U.S. withdrawal from an international accord designed to build trust and prevent wars, say officials at Global Affairs »

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Invasive ‘murder hornets’ on the move deepening concerns

Though the name might be a slight exaggeration, they’re still quite scary. Several times the size of a typical North American hornet or wasp, the Asian variety has a sting equal to its five centimetre size (almost 2 inches). It »

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Canada China relations in balance over Meng Wanzhou decision today

Hours from now, a British Columbia court will decide whether Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou will be free or face further legal hurdles. The Chinese executive was detained on December 1, 2018, in Canada during a flight stopover in Vancouver following »