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Study shows bits of your clothes are polluting Arctic oceans

They’re called ‘microplastics’ and they’ve invaded almost every aquatic environment on Earth. They are tiny bits of plastic 5 mm or less in size down to the microscopic level which come from deliberately made to be tiny such as microbeads »

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Astronomy PhD Student at UBC discovers 17 new potential planets

An astronomy student completing her PhD research at the University of British Columbia has discovered 17 new planets according to research that was published in The Astronomical Journal last week. Michelle Kunimoto is working on her PhD in the Department »

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Revelations of whale behaviour using drones

University of British Columbia researchers wanted to study feeding behaviour of two separate groups of killer whales. Although both groups live in similar environments on the west coast, both feeding on salmon and facing increased noise pollution, water pollution, disturbances »

Atlantic bluefin tuna are corralled by fishing nets off the coast of Barbate, Cadiz province, southern Spain. Two studies by environmental groups say overfishing of the Atlantic continues, in part because quotas are too high. (Emilio Morenatti/Associated Press)

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Where have all the tuna gone?

We love tuna.  In sushi, in tins at the store, or fresh examples at the fishmongers. But in just a few years time we could be asking that opening question as global fishing of the species continues unabated. A new »


Taking music class predicts better academic performance: study

Students who took instrumental music classes performed better in high school science, math and English than those who didn’t, according to a study of over 100,000 students in western Canada. This was true even after researchers controlled for such things »

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China reiterates warnings over South China Sea

At a recent academic conference, two Chinese officials repeated warnings about incursions into the South China Sea, a region over which it claims jurisdiction. The warning was aimed specifically at the United States which insists, as the U.N has said, »

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Canadian developed technology moving toward zero waste in smart phones

Electronics manufacturers are constantly exhorting people to buy new model mobile phones, and age also takes its toll on batteries, forcing people to buy new. As for old phones, these are to some extent taken apart manually to get at »

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A new way to predict forest wildfires developed

Researchers at the University of British Columbia have come up with a new way to predict when and where fires caused by humans are most likely to occur in the spring. Between the time that the snow melts and plants »

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Mannequins perfect bodies: bad for clothing sales?

When shopping for clothes, you’ll see examples of various styles draped onto mannequins.  It’s a time honoured practice, but in recent years, those female mannequins have become idealized, with perfect busts, thin waists, and long slender legs while male mannequins  »

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Ecosystems: The importance of habitat connectivity

The climate is changing, and that’s changing the environment. That in turn is changing how various species which have adapted to an environment, act and react to their new and changing environmental conditions. A new study says to help preserve »