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UN expert warns of a coming ‘climate apartheid’

A United Nations expert says the world is risking a “climate apartheid” scenario where the rich can pay to escape heat, hunger and conflict while the poor are left to suffer. Climate change threatens democracy and human rights, says UN» 

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UN: Canada only so-so on family friendly policies

Oh happy day, a new baby has just come into the family! If you’re in some countries, the laws say you’ll get a significant amount of paid leave to spend with the newborn, along with other policies to help new» 

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UN seeks 50% reduction in snakebite deaths and disabilities

The World Health Organization (WHO) has rolled out a strategy to halve the number of fatalities and cases of disability caused by snakebites over the next 12 years. Up to 2.7 million people are bitten by potentially poisonous snakes annually» 


Stave off dementia with a healthy lifestyle, advises WHO

New guidelines from the United Nations’ World Health Organization suggest that people can reduce their risk of cognitive decline by adopting a healthy lifestyle. The advice is to get regular exercise, not smoke, avoid harmful use of alcohol, control weight,» 


Desperate families flee assaults on Idlib, Syria

The United Nations says that a full-on conflict in Syria’s Idlib province would very likely increase human rights violations and generate a humanitarian catastrophe. After eight months of relative calm, the Syrian government and its allies have launched ground and» 

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‘Hatred is a threat to everyone’: UN chief

The secretary-general of the United Nations is calling on the world to take action against anti-Semitism, anti-Muslim hatred, persecution of Christians and all other forms of racism, xenophobia, discrimination and incitement. In a statement, Antonio Guterres said that beyond murders,» 


The Arctic ‘locked-in’ for 3 to 5 C temperature rise, UN report warns

Winter temperatures in the Arctic are set to rise by 3 to 5 C by 2050 even if the world succeeds in cutting emissions in line with the Paris Agreement, according to a new report by the United Nations. These» 


UN urged to act on China’s mass detention of Uighurs

Several leading rights groups have called on the United Nations Human Rights Council to take action on the “mass detentions” of Muslim Uighurs in China. The groups are calling for an international fact-finding mission to Xinjiang province where they say» 

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Holocaust website launched to counter denial

Information about the Nazi extermination of six million Jews during World War II will be disseminated on a new interactive website launched by the United Nations culture and education agency and the World Jewish Congress. The site was launched explicitly» 

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Disaster costs increasing worldwide: UN

A United Nations report found that between 1998 and 2017, disasters cost affected countries $2.245 billion US and 77 per cent of that was climate-related. Overall reported losses from extreme weather events rose by 151 per cent between that period»