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Students unearth history at ancient fort

Human remains are being unearthed at a graveyard outside the gates of the massive Fortress of Louisbourg on Canada’s Atlantic coast. The graveyard is being eroded by coastal waters so the graves are being dug up, studied for clues about life »

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New research to help in response to natural disaster relief and more

Research at the University of New Brunswick has developed a vastly improved method to detect changes on the earth, whether natural, or in cities. It’s believed this will greatly aid in delivering help to cities, or any area hit by »

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The lake in winter: not asleep at all.

Winter in the northern hemisphere is a time when many creatures slow down, or even hibernate. In freshwater lakes and rivers, frozen over with ice and covered with snow, it gets darker and cold. Scientists have long thought that very »

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Traces of human hormone disrupt aquatic ecosystems

A new study has found that the traces of synthetic estrogen from use of birth control pills, can have a dramatic effect on ecosystems The study, was published in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B on Monday. Lead author »

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University of New Brunswick gun tests armour for planes and spacecraft

At the Planetary and Space Science Centre at the University of New Brunswick, in eastern Canada, some big impacts are taking place. The ballistics facility in Fredericton has special guns, including light gas guns, that can shoot projectiles at up »

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Scientists report on effects of climate change in New Brunswick

A warming climate will change the forests and ecosystems of New Brunswick. This comes from a recent report from the University of New Brunswick lead Tom Beckley, professor of forestry and environmental management.  Professor Beckley said studies of climate change »