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Asian Heritage Month: union calls for celebration

May is Asian Heritage Month in Canada and the country’s largest labour union is urging its members to take part in events and to show solidarity against laws and policies that target racialized communities. The Public Service Alliance of Canada »


Print media ask legislators for love and help

Representatives of the print media met with members of Parliament yesterday to renew their call for urgent action to halt rampant closures and job losses. It being Valentine’s Day, they declared a day of love for news and presented the »


End government pay debacle, employee misery, demands union

It has been almost two years, the Canadian government has spent tens of millions of dollars and still, as many as 330,000 civil servants are being overpaid, underpaid or not paid at all, says one of Canada’s biggest civil service »

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Labour dispute shuts down Nova Scotia schools

Thousands of parents in Nova Scotia are scrambling to find alternative arrangements for their school-aged children today as a labour dispute between the provincial government and the provincial teachers’ union has shut down all public schools in the Maritime province. »

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Labour decries law that could erode pension benefits

The Canadian government is considering a new law that would allow changes to the pension plans of people working for federally regulated companies such as Crown corporations, banks and those in the communications sector. The labour movement sees this as »

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National police may get upgraded labour rights

The government may give more labour rights to the national police that what has been proposed, the RCMP, reports Canadian Press. Members of that force do not have a union, but a case before the Supreme Court last year affirmed »

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Teachers lose right to negotiate class size

Teachers in the Canadian province of British Columbia (B.C.) have lost the right to negotiate class size and composition in contract bargaining with the provincial government. The province’s Court of Appeal ruled that a decision by the government to take »

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Canada’s largest union CUPE hosting human rights conference

Saying it’s a critical moment for equality and the labour movement, Canada’s largest union, the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) is hosting a human rights conference in the prairie city of Winnipeg starting Thursday night (February 5). The union, »

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Supreme Court rules Canada’s RCMP federal police can have union, collective bargaining

The Supreme Court of Canada struck down a law that stopped members of Canada’s federal police force, the RCMP, from unionizing, saying it violated their charter rights to freedom of association, and the court ruled forming a traditional union is »

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Canada’s Employment Minister tweets good his staff not unionized

After meeting with his staff late into the night, Canada’s Minister of Employment Jason Kenney tweeted “Good thing they’re not unionized!” just after midnight Tuesday morning (November 19). About a half hour later it was deleted and the sentence about »