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Canada welcomes normalization of relations between Israel and U.A.E.

Canada welcomes the U.S.-brokered deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates to normalize relations and establish diplomatic ties, says Foreign Affairs Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne. “We see this as a historic and positive step toward peace and security in the »

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Quebec man detained in Dubai ordered released but still faces lawsuits

A Quebec entrepreneur who claims he has been set up as the fall guy in a multimillion fraud scheme in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, has been ordered released from custody, according to his lawyer. In a news release published Monday, »


Canadian geologist remains jailed in United Arab Emirates

Global Affairs Canada says Ottawa will continue to raise the case of an a Canadian geologist imprisoned in the United Arab Emirates on what his family says are trumped-up fraud charges. André Gauthier has been detained on and off since »

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Quebec man interrogated by U.A.E. police and denied access to Canadian diplomats

A Quebec entrepreneur who claims he has been set up as the fall guy in a multimillion fraud scheme in Dubai, U.A.E., was questioned for hours by police interrogators and denied access to Canadian diplomats and his lawyers on Thursday, »

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Quebec man accused of fraud in Dubai pleads for Trudeau’s help

A Canadian entrepreneur who claims he has been framed in a multimillion fraud case in Dubai asked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Wednesday to personally intervene on his behalf with the ruling family of the United Arab Emirates. “It’s very important »

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Family of Quebec man accused of fraud in Dubai makes last-ditch plea for Trudeau’s help

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is running out of time to secure the release of a Quebec man who exposed a multimillion fraud at one of Dubai’s largest gold trading companies but is now himself facing criminal charges in the case, »

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Family of Canadian whistleblower detained in Oman appeals to Justin Trudeau for help

The family of a Quebec man detained in Oman and facing extradition to the United Arab Emirates is appealing to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for help in securing his release and immediate return to Canada. André Gauthier, an expert in »

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Canada and UAE sign defence cooperation agreement

Canada and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have signed a defence cooperation arrangement that will make it easier for the Canadian defence industry to access one of the world’s most lucrative arms markets and bolster military ties between the two »

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Salim Alaradi acquitted and released in U.A.E

Salim Alaradi, the Canadian businessman who lives in Windsor, Ontario, is now out of prison in the United Arab Emirates. Formerly charged with collecting donations without permission of the appropriate ministry and sending them to a foreign country, Alaradi had »

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Teenager heads to Brussels to try to free father

A Canadian teenager is heading to Brussels this week to meet with European Union officials to seek help in freeing her father detained in the United Arab Emirates. Salim Alaradi, a Canadian citizen, had been operating a business in the »