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Winnipeg research suggests virus not very infectious eight days after onset

Canadian researchers have published a study that suggests that COVID-19 appears to be infectious only for the first eight days after patients experience symptoms. The study, published Friday in the peer-reviewed journal Clinical Infectious Diseases, is the largest of its »

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A glimmer of light in the COVID-19 darkness emerges on the Canadian Prairies

There is a sliver of light–maybe more than a sliver, maybe–emerging from the Canadian Prairies to fight the darkness that is the COVID-19 pandemic. It involves the crucial N95 masks, that piece of equipment front-line medical personnel so desperately need »


Canadian, Icelandic universities team up for migration conference

Eye on the Arctic features stories and newsmakers from across the North Canada’s University of Manitoba and the University of Iceland’s Vigdís Finnbogadóttir Institute of Foreign Languages at will team up later this month for a conference looking at migration. The »

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Interactive Canadian ebook seeks to make Arctic climate science accessible

Eye on the Arctic brings you stories and newsmakers from around the North An interactive ebook focused on research in Canada’s Hudson Bay area, and its wider connection to the Arctic, has been released in an effort to make climate science »

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Canadian funds help bronze age archeological dig in Israel

Eight students from the University of Manitoba, and some $2.7 million in funds from the Canadian government, are helping unearth secrets from an ancient civilization. Philistine hearth, Gath was the home of the biblical character Goliath © Bar Ilan University  The »

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Link between spanking and health problems scientifically established

Grabbing, shoving, slapping or hitting children can lead to several mental health problems later in life, a new Canadian study suggests. The study involved more than 34,000 adults in the United States and found harsh physical punishment was associated with »