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Ancient footprints found in B.C. earliest known in North America

Recently discovered footprints found on an island off Canada’s West Coast are now confirmed to be the oldest ever found in North America. According to researchers from the the Hakai Institute and the University of Victoria, the footprints discovered on »

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Microplastics in shellfish- new study

Microplastics are now showing up everywhere in oceans and lakes, and in aquatic creatures. Microplastics are tiny specs of plastic ranging in size from 5mm down to microscopic. They are either plastic beads used in some cosmetics or toothpastes as »

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Unique Canadian effort to monitor ocean activity full-time

It is a unique and groundbreaking experiment and research resource On the ocean floor of the Pacific off the coast of Canada’s Vancouver Island, and now in the Arctic off Cambridge Bay, are large networks of scientific sensors. They’re all »