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More and more Canadian teenagers are vaping: study

A new survey of Canadian teenagers suggests that vaping is on the rise–big time. The biggest takeaway from the study–published this week in the journal JAMA Pediatrics: The number of Canadian young people surveyed who said they had ever tried »

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Canada invests $1.2 million to help solve mystery of dwindling char numbers in Arctic

Canada’s department of Fisheries and Oceans has announced it will give $1,261,890 over 5 years to help solve the mystery of dwindling char numbers near the Arctic Canadian community of Kugluktuk. The money will go to a University of Waterloo research »

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New study warns of health dangers of energy drinks

A new study in the Canadian Medical Association Journal Open all but confirms what a lot of scientists have been saying about energy drinks. If only life were as simple as some marketers would like us to believe. © cbc,ca If »

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New study: More Canadian youth smoking hookahs; don’t think it’s a health risk

A new survey of over 27,000 teen-aged high school students across Canada showed that even as cigarette smoking has declined, hookah, or water pipe smoking of herbal shisha has increased. Leia Minaker (PhD) is a research assistant professor at the »

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Psych experiments: failure to reproduce same results

In science, results of experiments are peer-reviewed before acceptance and publication for a wider scientific audience where they may act as source of information for other scientists and/or basis for further research by others in that field. However, when another »

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Building better rechargeable batteries

Research continues at a steady pace into building longer-lasting, less expensive rechargeable batteries for everything from watches, to mobile phones, even to electric cars. Canadian research has just made a big step in that direction thanks to the Nazar Lab »

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Climate study: Winter Olympics to face difficulties in future

With the Sochi, Russia, winter games almost upon us, a new research paper looks at the effect climate change and warming temperature of the planet will have on the future of the winter Olympics..and where they can be held. The »

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Wild goose chase

No it’s not a joke, nor is it fun. Wild geese, specifically wild Canada geese, are causing a lot of damage at the Central Experimental Farm in the national capital, Ottawa. Bella and Jamie: border collies scaring away the geese »