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How to mitigate the effects of flood damage from climate change

Report says “keep the wetlands”. Counterpoint response to the IBC study- RCI: Nov 19/18 (Both this article and the subsequent “Counterpoint” have been modified as a result of complaints by Robert Muir (P Eng) to the Radio-Canada Ombudsman regarding inaccuracies» 

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Aquaculture: limitations of vaccines

Aquaculture, or fish farms,  have come under quite a bit of criticism, but in spite of that, they have now become a crucial part of the the world’s food supply. Brian Dixon (PhD) is a professor of biology and Canada» 

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Teaching a computer to fight computer crime

Watson, the IBM “cognitive”supercomputer, originally designed to compete on the TV quiz show Jeopardy, has a new goal. It will be programmed to fight cyber crime, and three Canadian universities are helping to “teach” it, one of them is the» 

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Rippling through space-time; Einstein right again

An event which happened 1.3 billion light years away from Earth, is now causing a blockbuster of an event in the world of astrophysics.  It involved the collision of two black holes.  Another big event, albeit a lesser one, is»