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Canada history: Feb 8 1839: Aroostook War: the US-UK face-off over Canada

The name comes from the Aroostook River and County now mostly in the US state of Maine. The war pitted the US against Britain and the then colony of New Brunswick. It’s also called “the Pork and Beans War”, mostly »

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Canada history: Feb 2, 1915, sabotage behind enemy lines, Canada!

The fears in both World Wars were always there; you never knew where a spy or saboteur could be lurking, even in Canada which was far distant from the wars on other continents. On this date in 1915, there was »

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Unifor president: NAFTA, other free trade deals need renegotiating

“We’ve lost over a half million manufacturing jobs in Ontario alone” J Dias, Pres. Unifor The president of one of Canada’s biggest trade unions says the North American Free Trade Agreement, NAFTA,  needs to be renegotiated. Jerry Dias president of »

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Trump, trade, and the controversial investor dispute clauses

It has become possibly the most controversial aspect of international trade deals. The Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) clause in such mega trade deals is designed to protect investors in projects in foreign countries which have signed on. US President »

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Protest planned for African Trophy Hunting trade show event

This weekend will see a gathering of African outfitters, guides and various other related exhibitors at a hotel in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Screen grab of the Africa Hunting Show webpage © afrciahuntingevents.ca The Africa Hunting trade show is making its annual rounds »

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More tough talk on trade from US Secretary of Commerce

Donald Trump who is poised to become the US President today, has named the man who will advise and implement trade policy, billionaire Wilbur Ross. Both have said they want to re-examine trade deals which Trump has said are detrimental »

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Canada history: Jan 13 1885 – the Fuller Brush Man

For most of the 20th century Fuller Brush and the concept of door-to-door sales was familiar to literally everyone in North America, and indeed in several other countries around the world. While many are still aware of the American–based  Fuller »

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Canada history: Jan 12, 1945 Japan bombs Saskatchewan

With the Second World War at a crescendo in Europe and the Pacific, in the middle of Canada, many thousands of kilometres away from both, a young Saskatchewan boy accidentally discovered one of the stranger weapons of the war. On »

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Extremists release new video of Canadian-American hostages

Islamist extremists have released another video of a captive Canadian-American family who have been held since 2012. American Caitlan Coleman who was pregnant at the time, and her Canadian husband Joshua Boyle were on a backpacking trip in Afghanistan when »

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Canadian beef-pork producers next target for Trump?

A memo obtained by the US television network CNN, suggests the incoming administration of  U.S. President-elect Donald Trump will take a hardline stance on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).  This would be within the first year of taking »