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Canada’s economy takes its biggest dip since the 2009 financial crisis

New data from Statistics Canada shows Canada’s economy suffered its sharpest quarterly drop since the 2009 financial crisis in the first three months of this year. Gross domestic product dropped at an annualized 8.2 per cent. Economists had anticipated a »

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Plastics bans, climate plans delayed due to virus

Plastic is the boon and bane of modern society. There’s no denying its fantastic multitude of inexpensive and eminently handy uses. There’s also no denying the environmental harm it does. Around the world, several countries now trying to reduce that »

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Survey suggests gaps between Canadians and Americans are widening

A new public opinion poll suggests that the trust Canadians hold for Americans is fast diminishing. The online survey found that just 33 per cent of respondents in Canada expressed trust in Americans. That compares with 58 per cent in »

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COVID-19, respirator masks, 3M and a cross border tiff resolved

With the spread of the new viral pandemic, a shortage of high quality respirator masks, primarily known as N-95, has occurred. With that sudden and extreme shortage there’s been an international scramble to buy them as local supplies were used »

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Olympics cancellation: International pressure grows

– Canada first country to officially pull out. It seems now its more a question of not if, but when, the International Olympic Committee will announce the summer games in Tokyo are off. Canada has announced that it will not »

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Study finds life-threatening numbers of ticks on moose

Moose are an iconic animal of Canadian (and northern U.S) forests and they are big, with the males weighing 500 kg or more and growing huge impressive antlers. But they are being threatened by something tiny. It’s a parasite known »

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Car sharing company ends service in N.America

One of  the world’s, largest car sharing services has announced the unexpected closing of its operations in N. America and three European cities. ShareNow (Car2Go) said February 29, 2020, will be the last day of service in N. America. The service »

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U.N. vote: Canada makes major policy shift on Israel-Palestine

In a surprise move this week, Canada broke from a long-standing policy on Isreal and voted in favour of a U.N. motion condemning Israeli “occupation” of Palestinian claimed territory. Especially since 2006 under Conservative leader Stephen Harper Canada has voted »

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American interference in Canada’s election?

Huge Twitter storm after Obama tweet With the huge scandal in American politics about potential foreign influence in their presidential election comes a whiff of interference in Canada’s federal election, and from an unusual source, Earlier this year it was »

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Finally! Canadians shock U.S. rivals in CONCACAF football

In a 34 year stretch of CONCACAF competition, the Canadian men have been much more than an annoyance to their American rivals in their 17 fixtures and certainly never beaten them, until last night. The Confederation of North, Central American, »