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Wi-fi, the internet of things, and your personal information

We are becoming more and more involved with technology that helps us keep track of things in our lives. However it’s also collecting personal data on us, and in some cases sending that information to third parties, whether it be »

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Your “personal space”, fruit flies, and dopamine

It seems that may be a strange combination, but a recent study has shown there is a connection among the three. Using fruit flies the study showed dopamine is connected to the concept of setting a comfort zone of space »

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Why it’s getting harder to listen to someone in a crowd

You’re at a party, or a gathering or crowd of some sort and there’s a lot of background noise. You’re trying to have a conversation with someone but it’s hard to understand them. It’s probably your age, and not your »

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Early detection of possible dementia: simply walking and talking at the same time

It’s a simple test, but it turns out that it’s also a fairly effective one. Patients with mild-cognitive disorder are being asked to walk a short distance while performing a very simple mental task such as naming various animals. Dr. »

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Canadian research puts an end to smear campaign against medieval Scots king

He was a legendary figure in medieval times involved in epic battles between the Scots and English, eventually defeating a larger English army at Bannockburn in 1314. But for centuries historians have alleged the Scottish king was afflicted with the »

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Canadian researcher discovers Roman history hiding in plain sight

The impressive Trajan’s Column  has stood for almost 2,000 years in the centre of Rome. The column at 30 metres tall, has a helical frieze of 195 metres in length winding its way up the column.  For hundreds of years »

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Anorexia Nervosa, a “passion” gone too far

A professor at the University of Western Ontario says anorexia should be considered a “passion” and by doing so, it can modify current treatments and therapies. Louis C Charland (PhD) is a professor in the School of Health Studies, in »