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New Brunswick initiative encourages residents to vacation within province 

The government of New Brunswick announced on Wednesday a new initiative to encourage its residents to vacation within the province.  The initiative, called the Explore NB Travel Incentive program, was created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to help stimulate »


Give children more free time in summer, urges blogger

Schools in Canada usually close at the end of June and that leaves children free for about two months. But government statistics from 2015 show that only 18 per cent of couple families had a stay-at-home parents. The figure declined »

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Glamping in Canada: some of the best sites

Glamping is the word coined somewhere in this new millennium to describe an outdoor experience without the ‘roughing it’ aspect.Or, as is very evident in some of these photos, “glamorous camping”. Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, takes a while to get there, »

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Canadians and their vacations-

It seems that on average Canadians do not take advantage of all the vacation time their employment allows. A new survey found that if you added up all the unused vacation days, it would amount to almost 10-million unused vacation »

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Vacations? Canadians need to let go, but don’t

 Summer vacation..time to kick back, relax, let go…or not. Two studies show Canadians just can’t relax and a substantial number work for their boss in their own spare time. A new Randstad Canada Workmonitor survey found 50 percent say they don’t »

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Canadians and Americans concerned by proposed border crossing fee to U.S.

Canadians and Americans are raising questions and concerns over a proposed new fee for travellers crossing the border on their way to the United States. There are few details about the fee, a fee that exists for air travellers since »