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Three-in-five Canadians worry about side-effects of COVID-19 vaccine: poll

With more than two dozen COVID-19 vaccine candidates undergoing various levels of clinical trials around the world, Canadians are debating over who should get vaccinated first, whether vaccination should be mandatory, and whether the vaccine could present possible side effects. »

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The thorny issue of mandatory vaccinations under discussion

Could this be a precursor to a COVID-19 vaccine debate? While there is no vaccine against COVID-19 in sight, there are a number of vaccines well-established against a variety of illnesses. The issue of making them mandatory has always resulted »

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Trudeau urges shared COVID-19 vaccine at global summit amid UN run

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says a COVID-19 vaccine must be shared by the world in order to eradicate the disease. Trudeau delivered that message today at the virtual Global Vaccine Summit, which raised more than $11.8 billion ($8.8 billion US) »


Vaccines important for pregnant women, say doctors

Diseases that were virtually gone are making a come-back and there are growing gaps between people’s perceptions and the medical reality about the safety of vaccines, says the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada (SOGC).  The issue can be »

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New Brunswick moves to make vaccination mandatory

The eastern province of New Brunswick is considering obliging children in school and daycares to be vaccinated unless they get a signed medical exemption from health care professional.  Exemptions are given to children who may be allergic or have other »

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Canadians overcome obstacles in transporting vaccines

Vaccines need to be kept cool and that makes delivering them in hot countries difficult and expensive. Now, researchers at McMaster University in Ontario have found a way to overcome the problem. It involves using compounds that have already been »

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New research centre seeks to increase vaccination rates

Public health officials in the province of Ontario are creating a research centre to counter misinformation about immunization in hopes of increasing the rates of vaccination. This is prompted in part by several outbreaks of measles in Canada and the »

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Fredericton declares a whooping cough outbreak

Public health officials in the eastern province of New Brunswick have declared an outbreak of pertussis, which is commonly known as whooping cough. Twelve cases were reported in the city of Fredericton in January, March and April 2019. This bacterial »


Vaccination drive to stop measles in British Columbia

Health authorities in the western province of British Columbia are launching a drive to vaccinate Kindergarten to Grade 12 students against measles between April and June 2019. There have been 19 cases of the disease so far  this year. Measles »

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Vaccinations should be mandatory, say most Canadians

A majority of 70 per of Canadians say vaccinations against common diseases should be a requirement for children entering school, according to a public opinion survey by Angus Reid. But one in five parents who have children under the age »