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Vaccines arrive in Mozambique as cholera spreads rapidly

There are 1,052 confirmed cases of cholera in Mozambique the aftermath of Cyclone Idai and aid workers are rushing to stop the rapid spread of the disease. UNICEF and the World Health Organization have procured almost 900,000 doses of cholera »

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Canadians and science literacy: We’re No 1…um..maybe not.

This is Science Literacy Week in Canada running from September 19-25th.  The purpose is to celebrate science, highlight scientists and science communicators, demonstrate how exciting science is, and showcase the excellence and diversity of Canadian Science. Although libraries, universities, and »

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Vaccination and immigrants: no mistrust, simply a lack of communication

It is often thought that immigrants have some fears over getting themselves and their children vaccinated. It has been shown without a doubt that vaccines are safe, and necessary to prevent epidemics or widespread outbreaks of disease. A new study »

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Canadian doctors call for vaccination proof before entering school

Canada’s doctors have decided not to call for mandatory vaccinations of schoolchildren. The Canadian Medical Association  held their annual general meeting this week in Halifax Nova Scotia. However a resolution was passed that amounts to almost the same thing. The doctors resolution »