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Whales’ ‘bubble-net’ hunting witnessed by excited tourists

Owners of a remote floating lodge in western Canada woke up their guests to see some humpback whales which had come in close to feed. A large circle of bubbles could be seen on the surface of the water. This »

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Scientists hope to find and treat ‘lethargic’ killer whale off Vancouver Island

Scientists from Canada and the United States are racing against time to try nurse back to health a starving and endangered killer whale off the coast of British Columbia. There are only 75 Southern Resident Killer Whales left off the »

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Magnitude 4.9 earthquake jolts northwestern Vancouver Island

A moderate earthquake has shaken the area off northwestern Vancouver Island, the second since Wednesday. No injuries or damage was reported due to the 4.9 quake which struck at 4:28 a.m. PT Friday, according to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). Earthquakes Canada »

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Ecological emergency: call to save remaining West Coast old growth forest

Environmental groups are sounding an urgent alarm over logging of ancient trees, the “old growth” forest, throughout Canada’s Pacific coast province of British Columbia. The Sierra Club of B.C., in a press release said, 2,430 sq.km of rainforest were logged on »

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Marmot die-off worries conservationists

It’s not yet known why half of the marmots died in the central region of Vancouver Island on Canada’s Pacific coast. The groundhog-like mammals are about the size of a housecat and they hibernate in the winter. It seems 36 »

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‘He wants to eat me’: B.C. man surrounded in his car by 3 cougars

A British Columbia man got the thrill of his life when he encountered not one but three young cougars on Vancouver Island Tuesday night. Adam Nash filmed the exhilarating encounter as he was trapped in his truck on Forbidden Plateau »

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Boater videotapes close encounter with whales

Some western boaters out fishing for prawns on New Year’s Day got a thrilling visit from two humpback whales and captured it on video, reports CBC News. Besides being stunningly beautiful, the Georgia Strait between Canada’s western coast and Vancouver »

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Battle for ancient forests in B.C: blockades again?

Well over twenty years ago, there was a sometimes bitter struggle on Canada’s west coast. It pitted conservationists against logging companies, The conservationists, aboriginal groups, and other concerned individuals were blockading access roads and forestry equipment in their efforts to »

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Pacific megathrust earthquake: rip open the Earth

Is this “the big one” coming?  Maybe,… or maybe just one of the “big ones” –plural, that may wreak havoc on the west coast of North America. An expert is warning a megathrust earthquake is in the works off Vancouver »