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Food or cannabis? Farming questions in Canada

When the Liberal government of Canada legalised recreational use of cannabis late last year, it created a whole new industry virtually overnight. One aspect has been a massive rise in greenhouse building and conversion of former manufacturing plants into commercial »

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Not enough fruit, vegetables for environmental, human health: study

The world is producing too much grain, fat and sugar and not enough fruit, vegetables and plant-based protein to feed the current population a balanced diet, according to a recent study. ‘A big mismatch’ “What we found is that there »

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Canadians cut back as produce prices increase

With a growing obesity epidemic in Canada, health authorities work hard to try to get Canadians to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. But hefty price increases have had the opposite effect. A recent study found that about one-quarter of »

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Drug smuggling increasingly popular among truckers bound to Canada from Mexico

Border agents have been finding more and more cocaine hidden in fruits and vegetables in trucks coming from Mexico. In recent years, at least a dozen truckers from the Greater Toronto Area have been charged with smuggling drugs into Canada. »