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Dalton resigns as veterans ombudsman

Canada’s veterans ombudsman has resigned just 18 months after taking the job. Veterans Affairs Minister Lawrence MacAulay made the announcement yesterday, suggesting that Craig Dalton was leaving for another job. Dalton, who took over the job in November 2018, was »

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Ombudsman delivers sharp criticism on wait-time decisions for veterans

Canada’s veterans ombudsman says too many veterans are waiting far too long to find out if they qualify for financial assistance or disability benefits for service-related injuries. And, Guy Parent says in a report, the whole process lacks transparency, a »

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Veterans Ombudsman recommends improved compensation for pain and suffering

The federal government needs to come up with a better way for compensating injured Canadian veterans for their pain and suffering on top of the compensation they already receive for their disability, says a new report by the Veterans Ombudsman released »