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British Columbia approves municipal bans on single use plastics

The British Columbia government is moving towards banning single-use plastics in a number of municipalities within the province in order to prevent plastic waste from polluting communities, shorelines and landfills. According to a news release from B.C. on Saturday, the »


Killer whales visit Victoria harbour

A pod of orcas briefly visited the harbour of the western city of Victoria on June 17, 2018, probably following prey chasing food after an exceptionally low tide. On June 4, another pod of orcas spent about an hour in »


Rabbit show cancelled due to deadly virus

A hemorrhagic virus has killed hundreds of feral rabbits on the western island of Vancouver and fears of infection have prompted a prominent rabbit club to postpone its 100th anniversary show originally scheduled for June. The Vancouver Island Rabbit Breeders »

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Mr. Floatie, sewage protester, about to retire

CFAX radio has announced that a mascot created to protest the dumping of raw sewage off Canada’s western coast is going to retire. Elementary school teacher James Skwarok created Mr. Floatie in 2004 as a graphic reminder of what can »

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3-year-old boy dies after eating wild mushroom

A young boy died after picking and eating a poisonous wild mushroom in the western city of Victoria. Foraging for wild foodstuffs has become popular in Canada and health officials are warning about the dangers of picking mushrooms. Death cap »

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History: Aug. 25, 1860- the longest railway bridge in the world.

In its day, and even before completion, the Victoria Bridge in Montreal was being hailed as an engineering marvel. At some 3 kilometres long, it was also the longest railway bridge in the world. Opened officially on this day, August »

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Toronto and Victoria red hot real estate market for the rich

What’s the hottest luxury real estate market? Would you be surprised to learn it’s Auckland, New Zealand?  That city had a 63 percent sales growth over last year. The second hottest in the world? Toronto. It’s luxury market grew 48 »

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Poetic justice? Texter crashes into cop, gets ticket

It’s not the first case of irony involving texting while driving, but it does make one wonder about people’s judgement. A woman who had been texting a friend rear-ended a police car, and then continued to text and sent the »


Historic lounge in western Canada to close

A century-old Canadian hotel is going to close a popular lounge whose theme was inspired by British Queen Victoria’s title of Empress of India. The Bengal Lounge is lined with dark hardwood, and is graced with an antique bar and »