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Video game adapted to promote Indigenous youth mental health

Young people in Canada’s northern territory of Nunavut helped adapt a video game designed to help users cope with depression and anxiety. The video was originally created for Maori youth in New Zealand. “In that context, it was shown that» 

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Farming video game, fun but with important life lessons

No explosions, car chases, space ships…but fun nonetheless, ( oh and educational) There’s food on the table, but where does it come from? The fact is that for many children today, the knowledge beyond the local grocery store of where» 

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Indigenous group unhappy with video game

The internationally popular strategy video game series “Civilization” published by Take Two Interactive Software (owner of 2K Games)  is about to release Sid Meier’s latest version called “Civilization VI: Rise and Fall”. This latest version involves the Cree aboriginals under»