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WWI: Vimy Ridge, April 9, 1917: At last a victory

The First World War had been going badly for the Allies stuck in this deadly conflict of attrition amid appalling conditions. A new and desperate plan was formed- take the heights from the Germans at Vimy. The early morning of »

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Canadians to recreate Armistice parade in Mons, Belgium, 100 years later

In November 1918 the horrific toll of the First World War was coming to an end. The Armistice to end hostilities was being negotiated. On the morning of the 11th, official word came to the Canadians to hold their place »

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100 years since Canada became a world nation at Vimy Ridge

About 25,000 people are in northern France this weekend to commemorate the centennial of a major event in Canadian and world history. They are gathering at a high ground about half way between the French cities of Arras and Lens. »

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Vimy: 100 years later, Canadians a little confused about when and where of this major battle

It is almost 100 years to the day that Canada achieved a nation-defining moment in April 1917. It was on the battlefields of northern France during the First World War. Where Britain and France had failed with astronomical loss of »

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Update: Hill 70 – Outstanding Canadian victory, forgotten no longer

In just a few short days, on April 9, a massive crowd will gather at the spectacular Canadian Vimy memorial in France for the 100th anniversary of that incredible victory which marked a turning point for the Allies in that »

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Canada and France joint stamp issue for Vimy 100

Special commemorative issue by both countries It was in the early dawn of April 9 ,1917. At the signal, tens of thousands of Canadians clambered out of muddy trenches and began a march through snow and freezing drizzle across no »

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100th Anniversary of the pivotal battle of WWI

By spring 1917 the First World War had stagnated into a war of attrition. Other than an initial victory by the Serbs at Mt Cer in 1914, the Allied forces had suffered many defeats and no real progress since the »

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“We were here”, legacy of WW-I soldiers beneath the battlefield.

A century ago, tens of thousands of young Canadians and other Commonwealth soldiers were living in tunnels under the WW-I battlefields around Vimy Ridge, and also Arras, France They might spend, hours, days, or even weeks underground and to pass »

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Renaming Montreal’s Vimy Park controversy-update

Almost on the actual 100th anniversary date of the historic battle of Vimy Ridge, Montreal council announced that it intended to rename a small park changing it from honouring the battle to instead honour a controversial Quebec separatist politician. A »


The battle of Vimy- continued in Montreal

A tiny green space in Montreal has become the site of a national controversy.         **(update at bottom of story**) For most Canadians, and historians of the First World War, Vimy  Ridge is a name and place »