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Festival set to celebrate Halifax’s vibrant black culture

Whether they come from there or not, Halifax, Nova Scotia, has long served as an important spiritual touchstone for members of Canada’s black population, though some may differ about the extent. A likeness of a Halifax native who became a »


Statistics reveal a major increase in Halifax racial profiling

A study released Wednesday appears to confirm what members of Nova Scotia’s black community have been saying for years: police profiling and street checks are getting worse–not better–in Halifax, the provincial capital. The report found that black people in the »


The face of Viola Desmond now graces Canada’s currency

There’s a new face on Canada’s $10 bill today–the face of a woman, the face of a black woman, the face of a determined woman, the face of a beautiful woman, the face of a woman who stood up for »


More honours for Canadian who stood against segregation

Long before America’s Rosa Parks, there was Canada’s Viola Desmond Many people know of American Rosa Parks and cite her as the first to stand up for the civil rights of blacks in the U.S.  But Rosa Parks is the »

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History Nov. 8, 1946 Canada’s unexpected civil rights heroine

The Canadian who preceeded Rosa Parks by almost a decade. She was Canadian, young, beautiful, a successful Halifax-based businesswoman, and black. It was because of Viola Desmond’s colour that she unexpectedly became a heroine that changed history in Canada. Thanks »


Ferry named after civil rights hero

Viola Desmond’s name graces the bow of a new ferry serving eastern Canada in honour of her fight against racism and segregation, reports CBC. In 1946, Desmond went to a movie theatre in New Glasgow, in the eastern province of »


New historical video for Black History Month

Viola Desmond challenged segregation in the eastern province of Nova Scotia in the 1940s. And while she did not win her case, her story became a catalyst for change. And the story will now be brought to the Canadian public »