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Canada concerned by violent crackdown on Iranian protesters

Canada is deeply concerned by the violent crackdown on protesters by Iranian security forces, which has resulted in mass arrests and the deaths of dozens of people, Canadian officials said Tuesday. “We condemn the threats made by Iranian officials and» 

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Hockey- the human cost of fighting

The National Hockey League regular season games begin today.  When it comes to hockey, arguably Canada’s favourite sport, the funny saying goes, “I went to see the fights and a hockey game broke out”. Many ardently believe the deliberately hard» 

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Schoolteachers suffer rapidly increasing violence

It’s getting harder to be a schoolteacher in Canada, and less safe even for school educators of very young students in elementary school. A new study on the issue of violence against elementary school teachers in Canada’s most populous province,» 

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Viral bad behaviour; professor says the doing and the filming share responsibility

There are many, even too many, videos available of people committing anti-social, aggressive, irresponsible or dangerous acts and posting them on social media. From the incredibly dangerous throwing of chairs from a high rise onto the street far below, to» 

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Women’s shelters do more with less, seek help

Canada has 550 shelters for women and children fleeing violence and 75 per cent of them are not funded adequately to do life-saving work, according to a report by the umbrella group, Women’s Shelters Canada. It says that in Canada,» 

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‘Hatred is a threat to everyone’: UN chief

The secretary-general of the United Nations is calling on the world to take action against anti-Semitism, anti-Muslim hatred, persecution of Christians and all other forms of racism, xenophobia, discrimination and incitement. In a statement, Antonio Guterres said that beyond murders,» 

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Toronto wants to revoke bar licences where violence occurs

Toronto, Canada’s largest and most culturally diverse city, has seen a very significant increase in gang violence and shootings in the past couple of years. Although not always, these incidents and tragedies have often occurred in or near establishments where» 

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Unions condemn widespread violence against long-term care workers

Two new reports show there is a high level of violence, abuse and harassment against people employed in long-term care facilities in the province of Ontario. In one of them, survey results suggest 88 per cent of personal support workers» 

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Canadian Muslim organisation against “honour” crimes

Just released is a new study on gender-based violence (GBV) called, “Dishonourable Violence: Changing the Narratives on Honour and Shame Among Muslim Canadian Communities”. It is the product of Islamic Relief Canada a non-profit humanitarian aid group and came following» 


Violence strands Canadians in Haiti

Several Canadian tourists and three medical volunteers have been unable to leave Haiti because of ongoing street violence. The medical professionals report they had a gasoline bomb thrown at their vehicle but they were able to drive away. According to the»