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Abuse of women increasing during pandemic: report

Information collected from women’s shelters across Canada suggests pandemic lockdowns have prevented women from leaving their abusers and that there has been an increase in the severity of violence they have experienced.  ‘An abuser’s dream’  “Isolation is an abuser’s dream,” »

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Violence escalates at the weekend in Nova Scotia lobster dispute

Indigenous group vs commercial fishers The ongoing dispute between Indigenous fishers and local commercial lobster fishers entered a new and violent chapter on the weekend. A lobster pound where Indigenous had stored their catch was burned in a suspicious fire, »

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Author Desmond Cole on the Black experience in Canada

Toronto resident Desmond Cole, is an activist and journalist. He wrote an article in 2015 about the many times he had been stopped by police and interrogated on the street. The article in Toronto Life was a spark that brought »


Iceland most gender-equal country says report, Canada comes in 19th

Iceland has been named the world’s most gender-equal country by the World Economic Forum. It’s the 11th year in a row that Iceland has topped the list. The country was followed by three other Nordic countries: Norway, Finland, Sweden, in »

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Canada concerned by violent crackdown on Iranian protesters

Canada is deeply concerned by the violent crackdown on protesters by Iranian security forces, which has resulted in mass arrests and the deaths of dozens of people, Canadian officials said Tuesday. “We condemn the threats made by Iranian officials and »

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Hockey- the human cost of fighting

The National Hockey League regular season games begin today.  When it comes to hockey, arguably Canada’s favourite sport, the funny saying goes, “I went to see the fights and a hockey game broke out”. Many ardently believe the deliberately hard »

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Schoolteachers suffer rapidly increasing violence

It’s getting harder to be a schoolteacher in Canada, and less safe even for school educators of very young students in elementary school. A new study on the issue of violence against elementary school teachers in Canada’s most populous province, »

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Viral bad behaviour; professor says the doing and the filming share responsibility

There are many, even too many, videos available of people committing anti-social, aggressive, irresponsible or dangerous acts and posting them on social media. From the incredibly dangerous throwing of chairs from a high rise onto the street far below, to »

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Women’s shelters do more with less, seek help

Canada has 550 shelters for women and children fleeing violence and 75 per cent of them are not funded adequately to do life-saving work, according to a report by the umbrella group, Women’s Shelters Canada. It says that in Canada, »

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‘Hatred is a threat to everyone’: UN chief

The secretary-general of the United Nations is calling on the world to take action against anti-Semitism, anti-Muslim hatred, persecution of Christians and all other forms of racism, xenophobia, discrimination and incitement. In a statement, Antonio Guterres said that beyond murders, »