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Music industry delegates meet online at a new global conference in Toronto

During the last week of July, hundreds of music professionals around the world connected to their computers to take part in a music conference out of Toronto, with online activities and discussions about current challenges and coming perspectives in a »


Canadian music award show to go on as a virtual event  

The 2020 Juno Awards, Canada’s music award show, is going digital, according to an announcement from the Juno awards yesterday. The winners of all 42 categories will be announced by the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS) during »

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COVID-19 Canada holds its first ‘virtual’ parliament meeting

Due to concerns about the possible spread of the coronavirus, all large gatherings of people across the country have been halted. This includes church gatherings, sports events, school classrooms, in fact gatherings of any kind and that includes to hundreds »

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Task force outlines recommendations for virtual health care in Canada

The Virtual Care Task Force (VCTF) has released a new report containing its recommendations for the expansion of virtual health care in Canada. Virtual health care is when a physician or medical professional interacts with their patient remotely, or through »

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Training brain surgeons with VR and AI

It’s a technology that is revolutionising surgical training. When a surgeon starts to work on you, you’d like them to be experienced. Typically though that comes with practice. Now as in the airline industry, that practice and dealing with unexpected »

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UNICEF offers virtual visits with children in need

The humanitarian organization UNICEF hopes that virtual visits with vulnerable children will spur Canadians to donate more to help them. The Survival Gifts program allows Canadians to buy things like emergency blankets, water purification tablets, school essentials, vaccines, bed nets and »