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Canada ‘concerned’ as fighting resumes along Armenia-Azerbaijan border

Fighting along the restive border between Armenia and Azerbaijan flared up again on Thursday, hours after Canada and several other countries called on the two South Caucasus neighbours to “refrain immediately from using force” and respect the ceasefire. Armenia’s Defence »

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Canada History: May 28, 2000 – Canada’s Unknown Soldier laid to rest

It was on this day that in a solemn ceremony the remains of an unidentified Canadian soldier were interred in special tomb at the foot of the National War Memorial in Ottawa. A legacy of the horrors of the First »

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VE-Day 75th: Pandemic forces move to online commemoration

After a year of bitter fighting through Sicily and up through Italy, Canadians moved to Europe where thousands stormed ashore on D-Day eventually ending the war in Europe 75 years ago today Major public celebrations to note the several landmark »

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Canada History: May 4, 1910: Canada gets a navy

Long before Canada became a country, many major sea battles had been fought in Canadian waters.  First between British and French forces, and during the war of 1812 between British and Americans.  In 1867 Canada became a federated country, although »

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Major remembrance ceremonies cancelled, but remembrance continues (interview)

Letters in a Time of War A major wartime remembrance event was to be taking place  this week in Holland. This was to remember Operation Faust, a Canadian and Allied effort to feed starving Dutch citizens still occupied by Germans. »

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Canada History: Apr. 17, 2002-Afghan tragedy “I’m rollin in”

With those fatal words, “I’m rollin’ in in self defence” a U.S fighter pilot descended on a group of Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan, dropped a bomb, and killed four and wounded eight. These would represent the first Canadian deaths in »

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Canada History: Apr. 7. 1973 – Death in Vietnam, peace accord farce

It was on this day in 1973 that a Canadian military officer was killed by North Vietnamese forces. The Vietnam war is a well-known, well documented, and well mythologised period in modern history. During the course of the war about »

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History Canada: March 11,1952: Hockey breaks out at the front lines of war

In the midst of the Korean War, Canadians were among the U.N. forces manning the hills that constituted the front line facing Communist forces of the North Koreans and Chinese. Between those hills flowed the Imjin river below. The winters »

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Canada History: Feb. 19. 1942; When the Nazis invaded Winnipeg

By 1942, Canada was on a total war footing. People were enlisting eagerly into the Canadian military forces, industrial production was massively converted to war production of guns, artillery, ships, aircraft, armoured and cargo vehicles, radios, medical supplies, uniforms and »

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NATO emergency meeting over killing of top Iranian general

After the U.S. drone strike on Friday that killed Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, and several other important Iranian military or militia leaders on Iraqi soil. U.S. President Trump said Soleimani’s “reign of terror” was over.  The U.S. action appears to »