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Wild weather swings; the new normal?

While some areas continue to be under a wave of Arctic cold, much of southern Canada is getting a brief respite as a wave of cold moves off temporarily.  Now, in the middle of winter, southern areas of  Ontario and »

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Oceans warming faster than was thought, warn scientists

A new study suggests the world’s oceans have absorbed 60 per cent more heat than was previously estimated by climate change scientists. This means it could be much more difficult to keep global warming below the recommended 1.5 C relative »

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Songbirds in trouble over climate change, habitat loss

A new report suggest North America’s boreal songbirds face a serious threat of decline and even extirpation in some areas. The report says climate change is driving species further and further north,  and “refugia” corridors of natural forest are needed »

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One degree Arctic temperature increase causes big lake change

Scientists working in the high Arctic found that a huge lake is undergoing some profound changes as a result of a mere one degree increase in the average Arctic air temperature. Martin Sharp (PhD, FRSC) is a professor in the »

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Coral reefs have not enough time to recover: study

Climate change is raising ocean temperatures and a new study shows that is causing coral bleaching so frequent that reefs don’t have enough time to recover. The study published in the journal Science looked at 100 coral reefs around the »

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Lack of ice causing Gulf of St Lawrence seals to move

Harp seals  which usually give birth around late February or early March are common in the Gulf of St Lawrence. This year though, scientists who count the seal population every five years say the seals have moved further out from »

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Toxic algae bloom linked to warm ocean

Unusually warm Pacific Ocean temperatures contributed to a massive bloom of toxic algae off North America’s west coast last year, says a recent study. Nicknamed “the blob,” the bloom closed important fisheries and disrupted marine life including seabirds and sea »

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Hybrid bear shot, less rare as climate warms

A hunter in Canada’s northern territory of Nunavut recently shot what was once-rare cross between a grizzly and a polar bear, reports CBC reporter Mitch Wiles. Climate change is hitting the world’s circumpolar regions hard with temperatures rising faster there »

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Human records confirm climate warming science, (or vice versa)

A vast multitude of scientific studies from all over the world have been showing rapid warming and climate change since the industrial revolution. Now, an international research team has been poring over records of physical observations meticulously and continuously recorded »

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Another potential record wildfire season in Canada

It seems the forest fire season is already upon Canada, weeks earlier than usual. 2014 was considered the worst wildfire season in Canada’s boreal forest area of the Northwest Territores. (NT), as well as in the province of Alberta, and »