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Long-time NHL coach John Mucker, a key component of Oilers’ dynasty, dies at 86

John Mucker, a hockey “lifer” who played a key role in building and maintaining one of the greatest dynasties in National Hockey League history, has died at the age of 86. Muckler was part of the staff that put together »


Gretzky memorabilia: an icon’s totems are recovered in haste

The game of hockey–it is more than safe to conclude–provides its fair share of Canada’s totems. The remains of a roll of tape, a broken stick, a battered glove, tossed by an older player–be it at an NHL practice or »

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Hockey this year? Wayne Gretzky is a believer

He always played like a brother from another planet, so Canadians may be forgiven if they choose to suspend their disbelief and decide to believe that Wayne Gretzky might know of what he speaks.  He was known, after all, as »


Marc Crawford is latest NHL coach to face scrutiny

So who’s next to go in this National Hockey League public relations nightmare? One wonders. Don’t bet against Marc Crawford. Crawford is currently a Chicago Blackhawks assistant coach. Sort of. At the moment, he is away from the team while »