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Controversial WE Charity to shut down in Canada

The so-called political scandal involving Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the WE Charity is back in the news with word that the charity is closing operations in Canada. Canadian brothers and founders of WE Charity, Craig and Mark Kielburger, announced »

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Political turmoil over WE Charity results in layoffs, property sale

The political turmoil over the WE Charity contract rocking the Liberal government of Justin Trudeau is also rocking the charity organisation. The so-called scandal involves the awarding of a multi-million dollar contract to the charity to administer a federal student »

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Political scandal causes sponsors to reassess their association with WE Charity

In light of the deepening political storm about the Liberal government’s contract and connections to the WE Charity, longtime sponsors have begun to distance themselves from the organisation. WE Charity is an international development charity focussing on developing countries and »