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Warrant issued for former PQ leader Boisclair to face assault charges

Once upon time — a little over 30 years ago — it seemed pretty clear that André Boisclair had nothing but upside. He was a rising superstar — a red-hot meteor streaking across Quebec’s political sky. He was 23 then, »

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Mysterious Havana syndrome- Diplomats sue federal government

It’s a bizarre, very mysterious, and possibly top secret incident. A number of Canadian diplomats and family members serving at the Canadian embassy in Havana, Cuba, experienced unexplained illnesses and evidence of brain injury. It’s become known as “Havana syndrome”. »


Spear hunting banned after bear kill

The western province of Alberta is banning spear hunting after a public outcry when a hunter from the United States killed a bear with a spear in 2016. The government announcement states that its changes to hunting rules “will discourage »