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Big Brother or better security? Testing AI weapons detection in public

You’ll either think this is just another step towards Big Brother surveillance, or a good idea for safety. Toronto’s Pearson International airport is Canada’s largest airport complex which saw more than 49 million visitors last year. The airport authority has »

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Liberals will not ban guns until the coming elections but have new measures in mind, says federal minister

The Canadian Minister of Organized Crime Reduction and Border Security, Bill Blair says that measures must be taken to address gun violence in Canada but that no ban or other regulation will be voted before the coming federal elections. Entering »

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Iran Nuclear weapons deal: ticking time bomb

U.S President Trump has withdrawn support for an internationally negotiated deal to get Iran to end a programme to produce nuclear weapons.  While some insist the deal was not effective, others insist it was and was providing a measure of »

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Canada moving toward weapons sales to Ukraine: Russian anger

During the working visit to Canada last week of Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko, trade and security issues were discussed with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. It was security concerns that have raised the ire of Russian officials who have expressed strong »

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Is Canada responsible when its arms sales are used against civilians

53 % say no Most people, including Canadians, don’t realize that Canada is a major exporter of military hardware abroad, in fact one of the top ten 10 exporters of military and defence technology in the world. In light of »

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The silent killers on the ocean floor

Around the world thousands of tons of munitions lie rusting on the ocean floor. They consist of both explosives and chemical weapons. As the metal rusts away, the toxic chemicals are exposed causing an environmental wasteland around them. Terrence Long »

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Canada seeks to improve arms sales to Middle-East

In the midst of a controversy over the Liberal government’s plan to proceed with a massive  sale of armoured vehicles to Saudi Arabia comes word the government is seeking a salesman to promote and increase Canadian arms sales to the »

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ISIS fuelled by reckless arms trade: Amnesty International

Decades of “reckless arms trading” and lax controls have fuelled the atrocities committed by the extremist group ISIS, says a report from Amnesty International. “It’s been possible to accumulate weapons because for years and years there has been an absolutely »

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Canada’s defence industry – economic priorities vs human rights

Even though Canada’s defence industry makes billions of dollars annually, most Canadians are not aware of the extent of defence exports, and some organizations like Project Ploughshares are concerned by where these exports are going. The industry gets a lot »