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Cannabis brand, and now with a companion beer

Canada is set to legalize the use of recreational marijuana this year. Provinces, which will control the sale, are still working out details as to how it will be sold and regulated. Now, Canada’s most populous province has just announced »

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Smoked pot? What happens to travellers at the U.S. border

Canada is about to legalise marijuana for recreational use.   That means that by summer 2018, vast numbers of Canadians will openly smoke cannabis and no longer be involved in a criminal activity.   Many will cross into the U.S »

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Ontario announces cannabis stores

The latest word from the federal government is that the ruling Liberals are sticking to their agenda of legalizing marijuana by July 1, 2018. The provinces are still scrambling to develop policies on how to deal with legalized pot. Ontario’s »

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Almost legalised marijuana in Canada: a grey zone and confusion

Canada’s official statistics gathering agency Statistics Canada, says that marijuana related offences reported by police are declining. As the deadline approaches for legalisation in July 2018, the plant and drug remain illegal for recreational use, but with coming legalisation a »

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Medicinal and recreational marijuana: keep them apart say researchers

The federal government says it wants to have legislation in place making marijuana legal by July 1st, 2018. As that deadline approaches, police agencies and provincial leaders across thecountry continue to hold various meetings to discuss how to deal with »

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Retail sales of marijuana in Canada?

The issue of medical marijuana use, and even recreational sales of the drug is starting to heat up in Canada. One of the biggest retail pharmaceutical chains in Canada is Shoppers Drug Mart. One of Canada’s largest retail pharmaceutical companies »

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Addiction group: Canada should legalize pot, but with strict controls.

Canada’s largest addiction treatment and research centre says it’s time for Canada to legalize marijuana. The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) based in Toronto, Ontario says such legalization should however come with strict controls. The group studied cannabis »