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Young hockey players may return too soon after concussion: study

New sophisticated imaging shows that young hockey players who have had a concussion may still have changes in their brains after having been cleared to go back to playing. Researchers at Western University studied players between the ages of 11 »

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Your “personal space”, fruit flies, and dopamine

It seems that may be a strange combination, but a recent study has shown there is a connection among the three. Using fruit flies the study showed dopamine is connected to the concept of setting a comfort zone of space »


Study will help seniors avoid treatments they don’t want

Research suggests that frail elderly patients prefer to maintain a quality of life rather than prolong it by use of sometimes invasive technologies. A new study originating from McMaster University in Ontario will look at ways to improve discussions about »

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A new step towards beating the Zika virus

With some 70 countries now reporting evidence of mosquito-borne Zika, the disease has now become a world-wide concern. Current detection technology for the virus is limited in reliability and costly.  Researchers at Western University in Ontario have developed a faster, »

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New imaging technique allows view inside insects

Until now, scientists had to kill insects to see what was going on inside. But now, biologists and imaging specialists from Western University have teamed up to find a novel way to see their insides while they are alive. It »

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Why it’s getting harder to listen to someone in a crowd

You’re at a party, or a gathering or crowd of some sort and there’s a lot of background noise. You’re trying to have a conversation with someone but it’s hard to understand them. It’s probably your age, and not your »

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New technology into joint cartilage repair

Humans like to push their limits, and often that results in damage to joints. This can be through sports, work, accidents, or arthritic disease. Cartilage is the pad that allows smooth joint operation and keeps bones separated from rubbing against »

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Researchers find ways to target drug, fertilizer delivery

Conventional ways of delivering drugs or fertilizer often spread them to places where they can do harm, but scientists are devising ways to avoid that. For example, drugs used in chemotherapy can travel to parts of the body where they »

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Could evidence of life on Mars be found in a crater?

It’s one of many questions scientists are asking as they study core samples taken last year from the giant Chicxulub crater in Mexico The researchers are looking for evidence of bacteria within the rock. As Professor Gordon Osinski says, we »

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Canadian research: Another step forward towards the understanding of epilepsy

A highly complex mental syndrome, epilepsy covers a wide-range of physical reactions. Like most neurological conditions, it’s an extremely challenging condition to understand and thus develop treatments. Canadian researchers at Western University in London, Ontario, have made another exciting advance »