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Cautious hope for right whales

After several devastating years of decline due to ship strikes, fishing gear entanglements, and low birth rates, 2021 is seeing a glimmer of hope for these huge mammals. The North Atlantic right whale is listed as “endangered” and while there »

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Coast guard takes steps to protect Pacific coast whales

The Canadian Coast Guard is opening the first Marine Mammal Desk to protect orcas and other cetaceans on Canada’s west coast. The threats to orcas, also called Southern Resident killer whales, include noise and disturbance from boats, ship strikes, entanglements »

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Sale of Canadian beluga whales to U.S. aquarium delayed by lawsuit

The capture and captivity of whales and dolphins has come under heavy scrutiny in recent years. Keeping whales and dolphins in captivity as well as import and export of the animals was made illegal in Canada last year. However, the »

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Project seeks to develop artificial intelligence to protect whales from ships

Researchers at Simon Fraser University (SFU) want to use ‘AI’ to help protect orcas from being hit by ships off the Pacific coast. Steven Bergner is a computing science research associate at the university’s Big Data Hub,  in Burnaby, British »

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Threats to whales: Slow speeds or small ships still deadly-study

The latest figures estimate there are likely fewer than 366 northern Right whales left. In the past few years they and others have been killed after being entangled in fishing gear, and by ‘ship strikes’. It has often been presumed »

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Bowhead whales beached in Arctic: victims of killer whales?

A group of Inuit hunters have come across the carcasses of four beached bowhead whales in the high Arctic. The group was hunting polar bears about 60 kilometres north of the Nunavut community of Kugaaruk when they came across the »

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International scientists dire warning on whales, dolphins, porpoises

Over 350 marine scientists, biologists and researchers have signed an open letter urging global action in the face of severe extinction risk to many species of whales, dolphins and porpoises known as ceteceans. The group representing 40 countries including Canada, »


Endangered whales return to Canadian waters

A pair of North Atlantic right whales was spotted by surveillance aircraft in the waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence on May 3, 2020. (Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada). Read the article »

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Greenland wants its say in huge Canadian Arctic mining project

High up in the Canadian Arctic a giant open pit mine is extracting millions of tonnes of iron ore which is then shipped to destinations in Europe and Asia. The Baffinland company’s Mary River site on Baffin Island, originally began »

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The LINK Online Mar. 6,7,8, 2020

Your hosts Stephane Parent, Vincenzo Morello, Marc Montgomery (video of show at bottom) Facial recognition technology: privacy questions growing Several Canadian police forces have admitted to experimenting with facial recognition technology, but only after news investigations. Questions are arising about »